During the construction stage it satisfies the needs of its customers it serves with regards to building management and operating services by undertaking system selection, firm recommendation, maintenance agreements and control for construction, architectural, mechanical and electronic installations with regards to compound management services, and organization, staffing, wages, etc. with regards to administrative perspective, and moreover for management plan, Condominium Ownership Law, etc. with regards to legal perspective as well as operating budget, maintenance costs, etc. subjects with regards to financial aspect.


Koza Yönetim, besides providing recommendations in the subject of equipping the living standards of the project(s) of customers it gives services to in the advisory stage with sustainable quality and economic solutions, is also able to determine how such recommendations will be managed by a contract upon the project achieving its operating stage with Management Service Contracts.


Koza Yönetim has adopted the principle of providing better services to its customers as its primary target and accordingly presents the service of preparing the “Management Plan” to its customers.


Koza Yönetim provides the opportunity to prepare the Management Plan, which complies with the Condominium Ownership Law that is in effect with its specialized legal staff to its customers by taking into consideration the lifestyle comfort targeted by the customers it serves. If you wish to realize the living concept you have envisioned in your project, please do not forget that this is directly related to how impeccable the Management Plan, which is compulsory to include in your project, has been achieved.