Koza Yönetim, is a powerfully innovated company that provides high quality services at each level in the field of “contemporary life style and building management” ranging from security to cleaning services, from technical services to social facility management. Koza Yönetim, which provides services to more than 10.000 residences, offices and shops involving more than 50.000 people, takes its power from Garanti Koza İnşaat that has been active as a well-entrenched and institutionalized company in the construction sector since 1948.

Koza Yönetim provides high quality professional facility management services in an integrated manner to any and all kinds of buildings, apartments, compounds, villas, residences, offices, shopping centers, fitness and sport centers, etc.

Koza Yönetim performs a wide range of integrated facility services for residences, compounds, business centers and similar projects it is under contract with including; technical management, preventive maintenance and repairs, installation and operating of technical systems, private security services, interior and exterior cleaning, housekeeping, pest control landscaping and gardening, budget and finance management, contract management, legal affairs, lease management, consultancy, energy management, building automation, electronic security systems and logistics.

Koza Yönetim also ensures significant savings in operating costs making it possible for its clients to experience the difference.