pest control

Koza Yönetim provides services subject to warranty and oriented to eliminate all relevant problems of its clients by working together with international business partners that are active in the field of pest/insect control by employing specialized persons, different technologies and pesticides/insecticides that do not pose any harm to human and pet health possess minimum odor.


Based on its environment and human friendly approach, Koza Yönetim does not employ poisonous substances in closed environments containing food items while refraining from the use of permanent, odor containing, vapor emitting, film creating substances as well as methods such as smoke, fog creation or spraying.


Koza Yönetim ensures that the pest/insect control operations are performed and pesticide/insecticide is applied without any interruptions in your daily life, or without any necessity for you to leave your home or office or spare time for the process or take special precautions.